Amsterdamm Solid Seat Sling


Amsterdamm Solid Seat Sling: Travel to new places of sexual exstacy in this beautifully designed extra long sling. Slings are a great place to experience the ultimate in sexual intercourse whether you are strapping it on or using your natural equipment. The standing position allows for complete control over your cock/dildo so you can vary your motion and speed of thrust without physical strain. The receiver can lie back and take whatever he/she desires. The Amsterdamm Solid Seat Sling is an excellent vehicle for anal/vaginal fisting with the body completely supported in the suspended sling the swinging motion lends to a feeling of freedom and the built in head rest comes in handy during those long sessions.

The Amsterdamm Solid Seat Sling, created for pure pleasure is a sight to behold, heavy luscious bridle leather, 126 heavy duty rivets and solid welded hardware make this sling a welcome addition to any playspace, bedroom or dungeon. Hanging instructions provided upon request.

The dimensions are 31" long and 22" wide at the top with a slight taper to 20" at the bottom.