Padded Bondage Hood

Padded Bondage Hood bondage by ASLAN Leather

For versatile sensory deprivation, head restraint and all round fun our new padded bondage hood delivers! Hand made with the best quality leather this hood features padded ears for reduced hearing a snap off padded blindfold and an open nose for easy breathing. The mouth hole is a good size for easy access and there are anchor tabs on either side of the mouth for securing an ASLAN Silicone Ballgag or our new Muffler! A heavy leather chin strap provides five anchor points for head restraint and an optional locking collar completes this heavy duty hood.

This is an excellent hood for many types of bondage and sensory deprivation, let the scenes begin!

Special features: Padded leather lined ear placement, padded leather removable blind fold, anchor points for optional gag or muffler placement, leather laced closure for adjustable secure fit, chin and strap with optional locking feature.