The ASLAN product line consists of Dildo Harnesses and BDSM play toys that are of insurmountable quality.

We make toys to fit your fantasy. Construction All ASLAN Leather products are made with the highest quality materials available, our leather is handpicked by the owner who chooses only the finest hides, our rubber is of the strongest grade and our vinyl is premium. All our hardware is nickel plated, we use only welded "d" and "o" rings on our bondage gear so you can feel secure in a pair of ASLAN cuffs.

Our strict attention to detail and uncompromising approach shows in every piece we produce so that we can proudly stand behind our products as being among the finest BDSM toys and the best dildo harnesses available. That is why all our products come with a lifetime guarantee.

* ASLAN Leather customers world over have consistently complemented us on our superior quality and innovative designs!

*If your ASLAN item breaks during normal wear you can send us your item for repair or replacement. About the owner Carey Gray started making bondage gear and dildo harnesses in 1991. "The first dildo harness I designed gave me the ability to experience sex in a way I never dreamed possible until that moment, I now had the power to fully realise my desires." Seeing the need for high quality strap on sex toys and bdsm gear made to fit women's bodies Carey created ASLAN Leather in 1992 and began producing Dildo Harnesses and BDSM gear for distribution.

Over the years ASLAN Leather has lead the way in Dildo Harness design and has produced innovative BDSM toys that have given ASLAN Leather a reputation for supreme quality. As head designer Carey has worked to create better sex toys for a changing world, making ASLAN Leather the number one choice in dildo harnesses and bdsm gear for all genders and sexualities.

Over the last decade Carey has produced groundbreaking fetish shows for ASLAN Leather, "My aim is to bring a realistic portrait of people into kink to the public. I want to give players and sex enthusiasts of all genders and perversions a place where they can see others showing off their gorgeous sexy selves."