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Jock Packing Strap
This simple leather backed device will hold a Mr. Right, Pac Man or other soft packer  secur... more
Good Fella
  Goodfella has got the right stuff to give any Tboy, guy, girrl, boi, and anyone else t... more
Packing Strap
Packing Strap Created as a companion for Mr. Right , this simple leather backed device will hold ... more
Calling all who have been searching for the ultimate realistic silicone dildo: Dick is an ultra r... more
NYTC - Love Bump
Wanna feel more? Add the love bump! This silicone vibrating attachment provides a second point of... more
Mr. Right
Introducing Mr. Right, the first VixSkin® silicone packing dildo by Vixen Creations. Mr. Righ... more
Sam the STP
Introducing Sam the STP!   After countless requests and two years of design the New York... more
Tex is Currently Out Of Stock.   Tex is an ultra realistic double dipped silicone di... more
Finally, a packer with foreskin! This silicone packer features a matte finish, over 100 unique... more
Plunge Paddle
The Tantus Plunge is a flexible paddle that packs a wallop and hides a playful surprise. An excel... more
NYTC - Shilo
Inspired by the need for a posable silicone dildo, Shilo was born. Shilo is the reason we wanted ... more
    If you like it big and enjoy a feeling of fullness, then the Maverick is yo... more