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Amsterdamm Solid Seat Sling
Amsterdamm Solid Seat Sling: Travel to new places of sexual exstacy in this beautifully designed ... more
ASLAN Chest Harness
This ASLAN original design features a lengthened chest piece to prevent the harness from cutting ... more
Double Ring Suspenders
These beautifully styled suspenders sport a 2" ring and an 1 1/2" ring in the back for ... more
Matrix Bra Leather
Get into this hot n" sexy bra and wacth your onlookers swoon. The web pattern is secured wit... more
Double Diamond Harness
This versatile harness was created specifically to accent the feminine form. The design looks gre... more
2 in 1 Harness
This is a variation of the original Aslan full body dildo harness. Fully adjustable at the should... more
Nicki Double Diamond Harness
Our newest version of the double diamond harness. Basic torso version can be upgraded to full bod... more
Buckle up your favourite bottom with this heavy duty Armbinder. Slide your sweet playmates arms i... more
Alexander Strap Bondage Harness
The answer for any travelling folk who want to enjoy kink on the road. It's a mini dungeon in a suit... more
Ring Chest Harness
Based on the traditional men's design this harness is available in harness leather or rubber ... more