Kink Classes w Mr Gray


Bondage without Rope

Mention Bondage and many people immediately associate it with “being tied up” but what if you are not into rope? Restraints are great for experimenting with bondage and they are quick and easy to apply and provide instant power exchange. Join us for a fun and interactive class on Restraints and discover the myriad of ways you can use your set of wrist cuffs, or a number of other fun bondage toys to give you and your bottom a hot scene. We will look at types of restraints, how to apply them, bondage positions for sex, types of bondage, communication skills, scene ideas, safety precautions and so much more. Bring your questions, and be ready to participate there will be plenty of opportunities.

A Good Spanking

Spanking is the most intimate form of impact play, and the most accessible, the sensations can range from highly erotic to downright dirty and disciplinary. How do you like it how do you want it? We will discuss role-play, communication, creating intent, using anticipation, how to set up a scene using spanking as a reward or punishment and safety tips and precautions. Demonstrations will include positions, hand placement, technique and use of toys such as paddles and canes.  Come out and explore the limitless ways to play with spanking and how to make it a satisfying experience for you and your partner. Be prepared to spank or be spanked.

Strap on Fun

Curious about using a strap on, for fun, domination or as an extension of your identity?  Looking for a new way to express your sexuality and experience a new kind of orgasm? Strap on sex may be for you.  Come out and get expert tips on choosing a harness and dildo, foreplay & communication ( introducing/incorporating your new dildo/cock into your sex play) anal sex, gender play, packing tips. Discover the physical and psychological aspects of how to get off with your new strap on cock, and enjoy an interactive demo of numerous positions and penetrative techniques  to give you and your partner the ultimate strap on sex experience.

Playing With Dominance and Submission

Want to learn more about how to give and receive power with confidence & creativity? This workshop will show you how to access and play out your inner Top or bottom from a phsycological and practical standpoint.  Topics include communication, role play, tools for pleasure/punishment, playing out your desires safely, practical skills and other necessities to achieve ecstasy through play. All genders welcome.

Kink 201: Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down!

Learn how to use rope for bondage, fun & sexy scenes! Also learn to incorporate flogging, caning, sensory deprivation into your kink playtime. Learn about safety, negotiation, how to set up a heavy scene, psychological aspects of SM and important aftercare tips. Bring your enthusiasm and be prepared to play! All genders welcome.

Fun with Floggers

Want to learn how to use your flogger with confidence and style?
Come and learn how to transform the act of flogging into a fulfilling erotic experience for you and your play partner. We will cover types of Floggers and corresponding sensations, where to hit safely, types of strokes, and practical tips on how to build your confidence. Learn technique, integrating intensity & cadence to create a delicious scene, safety tips, scene set up and more! Bring your questions. Come prepared to flog and/or be flogged! Attendees must provide their own flogger.