Sam the STP


Introducing Sam the STP!
After countless requests and two years of design the New York Toy Collective is pleased to introduce their first Stand to Pee product Sam. Made from supple, flexible 100% platinum silicone, Sam is reliable, easy to use and the latest addition to our collection of FTM gender expression products.

This STP works perfectly with the Aslan Stealth packing strap for easy wear and functionality. SAM also fits comfortably in snug fitting briefs or boxer briefs and does not require any specialty packing underwear - just hold it steady and let it flow. As with any Stand to Pee product, practice makes perfect. Sam is also great for blow jobs and oral play. The opening creates an amazing seal against your body.

Dimensions: 1.5" x 5.75"

	Great for beginners

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	A Aslan customer favourite.