NYTC - Shilo


Inspired by the need for a posable silicone dildo, Shilo was born. Shilo is the reason we wanted to carry the New York Toy Collective's line of beautiful, handmade dildos!

Shilo is a versatile, posable dildo with a bendable core and NYTC's soft realistic outer skin, designed to allow the user to pack and play with control. We can say with confidence that Shilo is stable and bendable beyond the capacity of any other product on the market. The bendable core reduces pop out when changing positions. Allowing it to be tucked and untucked whenever you want, Shilo is perfect for discreet intimate encounters or exhibitionist play. Perfect for oral, anal and vaginal penetration, NYTC's silicone is hyper realistic and luxurious.

Let your imagination soar and explore your fantasies with our best pack and play strap-on dildo. Pair with the Aslan Stealth harness - a low profile, waterproof and vegan-friendly option for discreetly packing under your everyday clothes.

Shilo is hand sculptured and designed with a prominent head for G-spot and P-spot stimulation, matte finish and subtle detailing. Shilo is high quality silicone dildo, simply boil to sterilize.

Dimensions: 1.5" x 6.25"

	Great for couples

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	A Aslan customer favourite.