Bowie Cuffs


Bowie cuffs are perfect for anyone intersted in exploring bondage 

Sexy and soft delicious blue 1 1/2" base with a 3/4" black latigo strap strong enough for those who like to struggle and compact enough to wear out on the town. These cuffs will please any player who is looking for a sturdy comfortable cuff with a locking buckle. These cuffs match our Bowie Collar and Bowie Jag.

Strong heavy leather strap adds a nice contrast and allows for smoother buckling, which translates to quick and easy on and off. 

Wear your cuffs out on the town as an accessory and use them later for a bit of bondage fun. With a solid welded D Ring on each cuff you can fasten them with one or two double ended clips, rope or anything else you may have handy. These restraints are designed to secure small wrists comfortably.

Fits wrist 5 1/2" - 8"

Fits wrist 5.5" -8.5"