Welcome to the Men's room, here you will find toys & harnesses and for men and boys of all genders. Whether you are looking for a simple cock ring , a dildo harness for safe n' sexy strap on sex or or a packing device for your silicone/rubber cock we have what you need. If you don't see what you want contact us with your requests and we will do our best to create your custom harness or bondage device. We hope you like what you see so far. We are still working on the site so if you need more info just email us and return frquently for the latest updates.

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Packing Strap
This simple leather backed device will hold a Mr. Right, Pac Man or other soft packer&n... more
Driver Harness
Get ready for a great ride with our Driver Harness! Designed for control and comfort this stylish... more
Nicki / Prince Padded Blndfold
Padded luxury for optimal sensory deprivation. Relax into a sensory dream with our new Nicki pink... more
Stealth Packing Strap
New! Go full Stealth with our newest packing strap. Low profie design allows you to wear your pac... more
Slick G
Get ready for a great ride with the new Slick rubber G. This one strap harness made with sexy str... more
Fave Plug Harnesss
Need an extra hand keeping in that butt plug? This comfortable plug harness can do the job. Desig... more
Master Locks
Ramp up your bondage with a set of keyed alike 3/4" master Locks. Keyed alike so you won't have to ... more
Packing Pouch
Do you feel a bit exposed with your dildo hanging out? Looking for a way to take your silicone co... more
Leather Chastity Harness
This Leather cock harness is designed for men who are in need of some external restraint. Three s... more
Mr. Right
This  silicone packer is the most realistic looking soft cock on the market! Made from soft ... more
Tuff Padded Muzzle
When your bottom get's a little out of hand and needs that extra bit of discipline, put him/h... more
Amsterdamm Solid Seat Sling
Amsterdamm Solid Seat Sling: Travel to new places of sexual exstacy in this beautifully designed ... more