Large Toy Commando


Like to play with large toys? ASLAN has the harness for you. Our new large toy Commando can accomodate toys up to 3" in diameter. Pictured here with the Vixskin Gambler that measures 10 1/2" in length and 2 7/8" diameter.

The Large toy Commando is constructed with strong comfortable harness leather that can withstand the force of large toys. Reinforced at all stress points and with extra padding to absorb the weight and impact of your thrusts. Comes with a 3", 2 3/4" ,1/34" O RING.

The LT Commando is also an excellent choice for men with penises who want to use a dildo for double penetration scenes. 

For more support you can order a Minx upgrade and combine it with the LT Commando front for even more thrusting power.

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