NYTC - Love Bump


Wanna feel more? Add the love bump! This silicone vibrating attachment provides a second point of contact during strap-on sex for even more sensation for you and your sweetie. Angle the love bump so the vibrations are just where you want them. This fantastic add-on features a matte finish and unique skinfolds throughout subtly asytemtical testicles. Mix and match the love bump throughout your toy chest for unlimited combinations and let your most lavish ball slapping fantasies come true. Vibrator included. The Love bump can be used as a silicone cock ring and it's stretchy silicone can fit around a wrist for endless play options. The love bump will work with all of NYTC toys and will accommodate most dildos. Great for strap-on sex and more!

Max Width: 2.5"
Total length: 3.75", Scrotum length: 2.5"    This product is currently out of stock.










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	A Aslan customer favourite.